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Ożywić śmierć. Motyw śmierci w fotografii

  1. Zbigniew Tomaszczuk


Bring death to life. The motif of death in photography

The text is a reflection on the subject of using the motif of death in photography. It is not, however, about mentioning the photographer as a person memorizing events. A witness of events is replaced by an artist using the subject in order to build their own artistic strategy, to create symbolic works with deepened reflection on death, violence and cruelty, but also constituting a contemporary form of taming death. The medium of photography is used here both in the context of form, which can bring about certain practical effects, and in the context of a specific feature of photography, which is for example its ability to „embalm time”.

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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

24, 2017

Strony od 124 do 136

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