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Jaka piękna katastrofa

  1. Jowita Mormul


What a beautiful catastrophe

Tragic human death is nowadays commonplace in the news media, on the Internet, advertising and in the arts. Art-pieces on post-mortal, sepulchral and sacral subjects and war include the elements of death in creative discourse. Massively reproduced photography and film reproduce images related to death and violence, which are perceived both in the context of information and art. Art-pieces in galleries and different collections contribute to the fact that death begins to fall under market law and functions as commodities. Based on selected phenomena in art, history and media communication, Mormul analyzes the mechanisms that cause the popularity of death related themes and the associated sensation to be the inspiration for artists.

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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

23, 2017

Strony od 102 do 125

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