Nie do śmiechu... Wokół kwestii humoru w poezji współczesnej

  1. Karol Maliszewski ORCiD:


Not to laugh... around the issue of humor in contemporary poetry

The author reflects on the problem of social transformation in terms of receiving and classifying humor, as shown by the example of disappearing lyrical species called ‘trifle’. In his view, contemporary Polish poetry (and, in fact, all world literature) avoids decidedly satirical and humorous forms. Poetry is domi-nated by discreet and mixed humor, such as black humor, irony, pure-nonsense, mockery, persiflage, derision, grotesque. The analysis is based on poetry by the artists of three generations: Tadeusz Rozewicz, Bohdan Zadura and Krzysztof Jaworski.


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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

19, 2015

Pages from 146 to 159

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