Waclaw Szpakowski et le point originel

  1. Serge Salat


Vaclav Szpakowski and primary point

Vaclav Szpakowski tried to capture and formulate by symmetry and rhythm, the rules of nature’s geometry. He realized that the constant repetition of the same motif produces complex symmetries and that form is not static but is the process of emerging. The rhythmic character of the universe – from galaxies to the cyclone, from atoms to molecules and to life – was the subject of his research, involving both the mind and hand: using eyes and hands, he followed infinite, rhythmic lines. He could see beyond the visible: he reached fundamental invisibility and melodies hidden under the surface of the light perceptible by senses.

One and only line drawn by the motion of a point, can be bent repeatedly in the same zigzag motion; but suddenly it changes the pattern of breaking up; and finally it finds the original theme, and then again it bents into a similar motif, but this time in mirrored or extended motif. Vaclav Szpakowski finds after four centuries of creative, morphogenetic movement of bending, infinite and the spiral line of Leonard’s.

That is the source of the open work by Szpakowski; his line can extend indefinitely; the beginning of his lines is lost somewhere outside the field of the visible, in the infinite white, which is the carrier of all the possibilities. Each individual composition is only a fragment taken from the infinite potentiality of the source line. Nothing therefore makes the fading forms become visible. Makes them shine in uncertain ephemeral phenomenon, in the glow of both the current and intangible rhythm, which propagates in an abstract space. It is the pulse of time in the mental world of the beholder.


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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

18, 2014

Pages from 214 to 234

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