Między wierszem a obrazem. Pojęcie „ram” w warsztacie językowo-wizualnym Stanisława Dróżdża

  1. Elżbieta Łubowicz


BETWEEN A POEM AND A PICTURE The Term ‘Framework in Linguistic-Visual Workshop of Stanislas Dróżdż


Stanislas Dróżdż’s concrete poetry is analyzed in the context of the relationship between poetry and visual arts. His work is considered as located on the border between the two domains, synthesizing means of expression of both of them. However, after analyzing the sketches and notes from the archives of the poet, we may conclude that the source of his interest in the visual side of the poetic text is not in art, but in the sciences – especially in mathematics – and in visualizations of concepts.
In the second half of the sixties, when Dróżdż went from linguistic poetry to ‘concept-shapes’ – as he called his concrete pieces of art – he was formulating concepts and reaching to his experience from before he studied the Polish language; his experiences were connected with mathematics. The term ‘framework’ to which the poet refers in his original creative concept, erroneously may be associated with painting; in fact, it is more technical and is closer to the conception of photographic frame: his texts are often based on ‘cutting’ the rectangular shape in the text. The inclusion of measures in the sphere of visual poetry is considered as very important contribution by Stanislaw Dróżdż to contemporary poetry and different arts.

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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

20, 2015

Pages from 108 to 121

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