Tanatologia stosowana sztuki współczesnej

  1. Paweł Możdżyński


Applied Thanatology of Modern Art. Summary

Możdżyński concentrates on fascination with death, which he considers as characteristic feature of modern art. After a short theoretical introduction, he analyses artwork by several artists of the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. In the last part of the essay, Możdżyński analyses artists’ fascination with death in the sociological context of post-modernity, with anthropology and religious science as background. He uses such terms as sacred, taboo, initiation, anti-structurality. At the end of the text, he concentrates not only on interests, but also on thanatical experiences, which characterize contemporary art. He uses his own term ‘applied thanatology’ and he forms a thesis, that ‘applied thanatology’ was a form of practice in old contemplation practices connected with death.

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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

12, 2011

Pages from 112 to 132

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