IMMERSYJNY PLAC ZABAW. Gra jako dromenon

  1. Roman Konik


The Immersive Playground. Game As Dromenon

The current analyses of games is conducted in games studies at the sociological, aesthetical and economic level. The computer implied as new medium gathering previous forms of entertainment has become the tool of new forms of game. The historical conditions putting homo faber in opposition to homo ludens have vastly excluded games out of rightfull part of culture as the unproductive activity which does not generate certain goods. The current philosophical discourse has not only pointed out the enormous social commitment to new forms of game but also observed the grand market and culture-forming potential related to computer games. The electronic forms of entertainent have currently become not only a grand segment of economy but also the important communication element, they are the form of new pronouncement, new behaviour strategies, relations and playing. Moreover the electronic form of entertainment discontinous the previous division into the creator and receiver, now the recievers can influence what they consume in games, the receiver becomes more the initiator of certain strategies creating the electronic platform for his own expression forms, it allows the profound interference into the structure of a game, both on the modification and narration level.
To paraphrase Marshall MacLuhan — we can definitelly state that the era cof computer games is the return of a man to his ludical roots, to collective plays, to something alike the permanent carnival.

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Dyskurs. Pismo Naukowo-Artystyczne ASP we Wrocławiu

13–14, 2012

Pages from 326 to 340

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